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Bernard Schwartz House | Two Rivers | Frank Lloyd Wright
Schwartz House
3425 Adams St, Two Rivers, WI 54241

Bernard Schwartz, a Two Rivers businessman, was ready to build a house for his family and gave Wright the opportunity to build his Life Magazine “dream house.” Bernard and Fern Schwartz made a trip to Taliesin where Frank Lloyd Wright, eager to see the Life Magazine scheme built, was happy to fulfill their dream of owning a Wright designed house.

Frank Lloyd Wright modified the "Life" magazine plans changing the materials from stucco and stone to red tidewater cypress board and batten and red brick. He went on to refine the design by pushing up the ceiling in the living area making room for a stunning second floor balcony overlooking the sixty-five foot long, aptly named, recreation room. Wright went on to design tables, chairs, hassocks, beds, fruit bowls, lamps and a couch with built-in bookshelves.

Pleased with the completed Schwartz residence, which he had called Still Bend, Wright went on to design numerous additions including: an expanded utility room to accommodate a wood shop, extensive landscaping plans, a pergola leading from the house to a small farm unit and an elaborate boat house to be built on the East Twin Rivers below the house. Unfortunately none of these plans where executed. Bernard and Fern loved their new house and raised their son Steven there.

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3425 Adams Street
Two Rivers, WI 54241

Phone: (612) 840-7507

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Tours last approx. 1 1/2 hours

Adults: $25
Children: $5
Payable at the door