October Events

Tuesday October 24, 6:30 p.m., SC Johnson Golden Rondelle Theater, Racine

"Masterpieces" is presented in Racine. duration, 2 hours

Free admission, reservations required: https://reservations.scjohnson.com/Info.aspx?EventID=3


Thursday, October 26, 7:00 p.m., SC Johnson Golden Rondelle Theater, Racine

Amanda Williams: Art, Architecture and Urban Environments

Amanda Williams is a Chicago Architecture Biennial 2015 participant and this year she returns with a culmination of projects. Among these is her first solo exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. 

Amanda’s work showcases sculptures that extend from her formative photography work, using bricks and siding from painted houses that have since been demolished. She highlights how demolition as a force of erasure and the afterlife of building materials, shapes the lives of urban citizens. 

In her presentation, Amanda will speak to the nature of her practice, working with raw material and how the history of a place plays into its adaptive use in the future.

Duration 1-1/2 hours

Free admission, reservations required: https://reservations.scjohnson.com/SelectDate.aspx?TrackingType=Customer&ActivityID=265



Friday October 27, Monona Terrace, Madison

Moon Over Monona - a fun event…view the moon and other celestial objects through a variety of telescopes provided by the Madison Astronomical Society. Activities include short kid-friendly presentation, and a kids’ fun zone with educational games and prizes. Free ticket required for admission: https://www.mononaterrace.com/event-group/moon-monona-terrace